Our Services

Our company specialises in professional upholstery cleaning on the French Riviera. We work all year round, 7 days a week, around the clock from Saint-Tropez to Monaco.

The cleaning of carpets, curtains, mattresses, blinds and sofas – these are only some of the services provided by us.  Please see the full list below:


Curtains & Blinds

We use the latest technology to clean all forms of fabric curtains and blinds to ensure that the finish is extremely high quality. Curtains often absorb all sorts of dust and grime and these are harboured within the weave of the fabric. Our cleaning processes are kind to the fabric and ensure that they look stunning afterwards.


The interior item that tends to get the most wear and tear is the sofa or couch. It is often the most expensive item in the house and top quality sofas tend to be kept for years. So when investing in a sofa, it makes perfect sense to have it professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Often people remove covers themselves and wash them in washing machines, but this can often greatly reduce the lifetime of the covers.

Carpets & Rugs

Daily usage of carpets and rugs even when footwear is removed indoors, has a long-lasting effect. The weave of the carpet or rug easily attracts dust particles which are hidden deep down. Effectively these both harbour grime and bacteria and also have the effect of dulling the original fabric colours. After our cleaning process, the difference can be incredible, bringing out the true colours of the item.

Cushions, Lamps & Leather

While having your sofa or favourite armchair cleaned, it makes perfect sense to clean the soft furnishings such as cushions and fabric lamps. These two look fabulous after having been given our professional touch. Leather is certainly something that needs tender loving care to ensure that it looks as good as it feels. It is a living entity that needs the correct nourishment and only should be cared for using the correct cleaning materials.

Mattresses, Surrounds & Boards

Mattresses and bed surrounds have been shown to harbour dust and grime as well as microbes that tend to remain inside the mattress unless properly cleaned. Our high-tech cleaning machines are ideal for the task. They deep clean, washing away unwanted bacteria and dirt and leaving the mattress and bed surrounds perfect and fresh, so you can sleep in peace.

Armchairs & Chairs

Similar to sofas armchairs and chairs often show wear and tear with time. What better than to have your favourite armchair given a new lease of life? Our machines are ideal for the purpose, and ensure that all grime and stains are washed away leaving the item in great condition. Let the armchair dry naturally for 24 hours and then you will be amazed by the result.


Sun Beds

On the French Riviera, with the fabulous weather we have, sunbeams are a must. But do you ever think of having them cleaned professionally? Being outside they attract lots of dirt and mixed with oils and creams, means that they really need a regular clean – done professionally, your sun beds will last for season after season, and if you have regular guests using them, then it’s a must to have them properly looked after.

Umbrellas & Parasols

Similar to sun beds, it’s important to look after your parasols and umbrellas. Exposed to all the usual grime and dirt in the air, they quickly become dirty and lose the fresh, clean look they deserve. Our cleaning processes not only make them look great, but also ensure a much longer lifespan.

Cushions & Blinds

Outdoor cushions and blinds need just as much care, if not more, than those indoors. To keep your outdoor space looking every bit as good as it deserves, make sure you have your cushions and blinds regularly cleaned professionally. And our high-tech cleaning machines and products will ensure they look their absolute best throughout the season.